How Does Brain-Trainer Work?

Whether you are training your executive center with HEG or working on general brain patterns with EEG, training involves spending 20-50 minutes every few days with the computer. The training plan tells you where to place the sensors on your head, what brain measures to train and whether to do so with eyes closed or open or doing a task. It’s a lot like going to the gym several times a week or taking a Pilates or Yoga class regularly.

HEG training doesn’t require an assessment, so it can be done by anyone wishing to change executive functions like motivation, planning/organization, attention/focus, control of speech/behavior and emotional responses, working memory, social inhibitions, etc.

EEG is a more complex approach and should be based on an assessment. Our Trainer’s Q allows the professional or lay trainer to gather a full 20-channel brain map and produce a detailed, customized training plan and client summary within a half an hour. Training focuses on those patterns present in the individual brain that are related to the goals of training.

Brain-trainer has developed the Whole-Brain training approach: working all the major patterns present in a client’s brain in a circuit of 5 sessions. Just like circuit training at the gym, cross-training aerobically or working various yoga or Pilates routines, this approach trains the entire complex from multiple directions. How does brain-trainer workBecause there are five different trainings in the first five sessions, it’s not uncommon for clients to experience a positive effect very early in training. As training progresses, the frequency of sessions is reduced until the brain demonstrates that it sustains the positive changes produced for 1-2 weeks without additional sessions. As this stability occurs, the training may be ended, or it can be switched to other options (e.g. deep-states training).

To get more information on how you can implement brain-trainer’s powerful, efficient approach with your clients—or yourself—take a look at our Signature Starter Packages in the Equipment section of this site. Or email or call us and we’ll help you decide what’s best for you to get started.

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