bioexplorer designs

  • BioExplorer QuickStart

    BioExplorer QuickStart Package

    BioExplorer software plus a permanent subscription to current and future updates of Brain-Trainer protocols/designs for BioExplorer. These tell the software how to perform specific types of training, allowing the trainer to specify the frequencies to be trained, targets for each and types of feedback to be used.

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  • Brain-trainer Design Subscription

    Brain-Trainer Design Subscription

    The Brain-Trainer Design Subscription for BioExplorer is a centerpiece of brain-trainer’s Whole-Brain training concept. Protocol packages cover training of alpha and SMR, symmetry/balance, coherence/synchrony, HEG executive center and traditional amplitude/frequency interventions. Integrated with TQ7 Assessment so training plans indicate specifically which designs to use.

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  • AutoBaseline HEG

    AutoBaseline Design for HEG

    An automated design for BioExplorer software to increase blood oxygenation/metabolism to selected brain areas using threshold-based feedback of the HEG measure to control FLASH, DVD, MPEG, AVI video, MP3, WAV and/or MIDI sound. By Itallis Communication.

  • EEG Combo Pack

    EEG Combo Pack: BioExplorer Designs by Itallis

    These advanced designs make full use of BioExplorer's capabilities for alpha, symmetry, coherence and amplitude EEG training.

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