Somatic Vision

  • Dual Drive Xtreme - Somatic Vision

    Dual Drive Xtreme for BioExplorer

    A racing game which offers a variety of cars and environments to race through, with the option of racing against the clock or against another racer. You can set level of difficulty to make the computer racer drive like your grandmother up to the level of a formula one racer.

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  • Inner Tube - Somatic Vision

    Inner Tube for BioExplorer

    For BioExplorer, BrainMaster or Infiniti    Ship speed, rolling fog, music volume, tunnel transparency, autopilot accuracy and sky visibility are among the parameters you can use as feedback in your designs. Inner Tube can be set to autopilot, played with a joystick, or played with the keyboard. There are 20 levels to play of increasing difficulty.

  • Particle Editor - Somatic Vision

    Particle Editor for BioExplorer

    For BioExplorer or BrainMaster   Over 20 beautiful pre-set particle environments as feedback. Each particle system environment can contain music, a background image, and an interactive particle effect, such as rain falling, a candle flickering, or complex abstract graphical displays. You can substitute your own particles, backgrounds and music and design your own particle effects.