BioExplorer QuickStart Package


The current green dongle key for unlocking BioExplorer on Windows 10 is not available for purchase except in packages. If you are able to find a vendor selling BioExplorer with the current green dongle, we advise you to do so. Some users have been able to use the blue hasp dongle without issue. We suggest creating a new user account to use with the blue hasp dongle. If you want to try the blue hasp, you can buy it here. When the green dongles are available you can upgrade.

BioExplorer software plus a permanent subscription to current and future updates of Brain-Trainer protocols/designs for BioExplorer. These tell the software how to perform specific types of training, allowing the trainer to specify the frequencies to be trained, targets for each and types of feedback to be used.


BioExplorer QuickStart

The QuickStart package includes dozens of protocols for training amplitudes, connectivity, symmetry and deep states, covering nearly any type of training that may be involved in a training plan. They simplify the process by allowing the trainer to choose what to train by simply clicking a button. Designs generally include automatically-set thresholds (which the trainer can adjust on-the-fly during a session. Most include graphs to show performance over the course of the session. They are organized by types of feedback, including NeuroPuzzles or BioPLAY games, video files, DVD files, and brain-trainer’s famous sound-based feedback, part of our approach to training for more than a decade, which allows the brain to create and play its own music which serves as the feedback to guide it.

The BioExplorer QuickStart package includes protocols for training EEG in 1, 2 or 4 channels and for training HEG with various amplifiers (Pendant, Peanut, wiz). It is generally updated once a year. Many designs come with two screens, one for the trainer and one for the client, which can be used separately on two monitors from the same computer.

The Design Package comes with a ”Clickable List” manual that allows the trainer to select any of the designs and read about how to use it, what sites and frequencies would be commonly used, etc.

After your purchase, download the current version of BioExplorer under the “BioExplorer full version downloads” section.”

Note: When the design subscription is purchased with BioExplorer, the price is $150; when purchased separately, it is $200.

RETURN POLICY: Since designs are software and not copy protected, returns are not accepted. CyberEvolution does not accept returns of BioExplorer.

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