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Beautiful and simple visual and auditory representation of inhibits and rewards! The DAM game for EEG training is the first in a series of brain-trainer HeadGames, Flash games for BioExplorer by Brain-Trainer. Build houses and protect them from water spilling over the dam!

This is a flash game because that is what worked in BioExplorer, but as of January 2021 flash is no longer supported and Windows 10 will automatically uninstall it. You can try reinstalling Adobe flash with a setup file we can provide you. If you want to purchase this, you can, but be aware there is a chance it will not be functional.

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In the DAM game, on the right of the dam the valley goes up a hillside in a series of terraces. Whenever the reward frequency stays above target for a second, a house is built. The higher above target the reward band rises, the higher the terrace where the house is built. Whenever 3 houses on a terrace pass the target again, the houses are traded for a mansion. When there are 3 mansions on each terrace, the town is completed, and the client wins.

The inhibit frequency is shown on the left side of the screen as water behind a dam. As long as the inhibit band stays below the threshold, the town is safe. Any time the client’s inhibit threshold is breached, water pours over the dam and washes away houses. The higher above target the inhibit band rises, the more houses are washed away.

Unlike most Flash games for BioExplorer, HeadGames provide a Control Panel on the trainer screen. Even if you are using two screens, the trainer controls when the game starts and stops, how long each segment is, when the scores from a session are shown and even the level of difficulty of the game. There is a help window available from the Control Panel. Made by trainers for trainers, HeadGames are clear, responsive and understandable. Try yours today.”

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