LIFE Game for nIR HEG

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LIFE meditation game, one of Brain-Trainer’s HeadGames, is specifically designed for nIR HEG, using a Q-wiz or any HEG amplifier that works with BioExplorer software. It is built to allow the trainee to grow through layers in as little as 30 minutes 3 times a week.  Get this package to play LIFE.

The LIFE game is a flash game because that is what worked in BioExplorer, but as of January 2021 flash is no longer supported and Windows 10 will automatically uninstall it. Our work-around for this has been increasingly difficult to employ.  If you want to purchase this, you can, but be aware there is a chance it will not be functional.

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LIFE Game for BioExplorer

LIFE training is like no other nIR HEG training you’ve ever experienced. LIFE recognizes that some of us struggle to turn on our brain control centers. They’ve been the focus of nIR HEG since it was introduced. But there are plenty of us who have an equally hard time turning off our thinking/organizing brain. The LIFE game lets you decide to increase activation, or to decrease it. But LIFE also offers the option of Rocking your activation. For periods of 1 or 2 minutes, the trainee works to make the activation ratio rise as far as possible; then the game switches to turning off the thinking brain and just being present. Rocking back and forth increases the flexibility of attention and control, and most trainees find it much less tiring than training strictly to increase for 3-10 minutes.

The LIFE game is attractive, simple and clear: Climb the mountain or Dive into the ocean, adding animals to the environment as you get better at resting and activating. Score points and see if you can reach Level 5.

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2 reviews for LIFE Game for nIR HEG

  1. Tamera S

    I tried it this evening with a persnickety client who proclaimed it “fun, but hard.” She was all smiles and asked if she could do it again next time, and every time. Translated out of her language, that means it was a big hit!

  2. Joan

    Just wanted to tell you that the LIFE game for HEG is a hit with all of my clients. The older ones like it and the younger ones LOVE it. Usually the 7 year olds I train ask if they can do the LIFE game the whole session because they enjoy it so much. The one little guy I just saw said, “I can’t believe I am so good at this game!” It’s really made the HEG part of training way more fun and interesting. Thanks Pete. Good job on the game!

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