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The most comprehensive device we've seen to date! Be sure to see our training packages to buy the Q-wiz in combination with everything you need to get started: software, electrodes, Electro-Cap, and HEG headset.



The Q-wiz amplifier can do 1-4 channels of EEG, nIR or pIR HEG, Slow Cortical Potentials, and several other peripheral modalities. Link or un-link references with a push of a button—no more jumpers. It includes a signal quality indicator.

The Q-wiz can be used with standard electrodes or the Electro-Cap. Its brain-trainer Whole-Brain Assessment feature reads from the cap in sequence the 5 sets of 4 channels used in the TQ7 Trainer’s Q. You will be able to do a complete Assessment in less than 30 minutes. Qwiz also can be used to train multiple protocols in sequence.

Q-wiz Specs and Features

3″ x 4.5 x 1 (8 cm x 12 x 2.5)
Rubber grip case
24 bit resolution
32,128,256, 512 sps
2 meter USB cable included. Wireless battery pack pending.
Can be used 2 channel with tablet, 4 channel requires PC.
Requires BioExplorer or BioEra software.
4 channels total from these interfaces:
•DIN: EEG, slow cortical potential,ECG,EMG
•pIR: pIR, HRV (pulse oximetry),skin temperature
•nIR: nIR, nasal dominance
4 channels EEG from Electro-Cap interface, can be used concurrently.
Button press links/unlinks the reference electrodes. No jumpers needed.
DC (< .2 HZ) filtered out with button press, or in to train DC.
•Preset cycling through the five 4 channel combos of TLC Assessment.
•Or program your own sequence.
HEG automatically baselined to 100. Can use same design for pIR/nIR.
12 LED indicator lights.
•Good LED indicates good or bad signal, EEG and nIR.

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1 review for Q-wiz by Pocket Neurobics

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been using HEG LIFE with the familiar PN procrastinating what I feared would be a temperamental setup with Q-Wiz. Well, that was misplaced anxiety as the setup is a snap, plug & play, nothing to it.

    Moreover, Q-Wiz works great, and seems much more responsive and user-friendly on every level than the pendant. I have not used it enough to be certain, but it seems to get much steeper climbs than the pendant. The entire experience seems richer.

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