Training ADHD Without Assessment


This workshop teaches the ‘recipe’ approach to training clients with primary cognitive, attention or control problems who do not have primary emotional or trauma history issues.



Training ADHD Without Assessment

Trainers who prefer not to attempt an assessment of such clients can use this approach to move directly into training.

The workshop contains 2 separate videos, comprised of didactic slides and BioExplorer demonstration screens. 4 BioExplorer training designs are included.

The first video, about 1:40 in length, covers the brain bases of ADHD symptom patterns and provides didactic guidance in where and how training should be attempted. It also discusses training approaches and session design for the two major types of clients—Filtering and Processing—who fall into the ADHD category.

The second video, about 1:20 in length, is a practicum workshop demonstrating how to train in BioExplorer software, including demonstrations of how to use DVD and video feedback, use of the Volumes and Filters tools, how to change training frequencies during training, and covers HEG and EEG approaches, demonstrating the use of the 4 included designs and several others which are a part of the standard TLC Design Package

Training ADHD Without Assessment: Video Workshop

•2 video segments, total 3 hours
•4 BioExplorer designs

After your purchase you will receive a confirmation with the download link. You will want to have a high speed internet connection. The files are compressed in the .rar format, so you will need a .rar utility. Two free ones are 7-Zip and TUGZip.

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