How to perform the TQ assessment

Performing the TQ 4C or 4C assessment (standard)

Assessment files are saved to C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra\session by default.

Select TQ to open the sub menu. Then select TQ 4C for 4-channel assessment or 2C for 2-channel assessment.

You may download instructions specific to your device and sensor configuration.

Performing the TQ real-time artifacting assessment

This real-time artifacting option is designed to begin recording data and continue until a minimal amount of artifact-free data is collected for each step. In cases when a client may not be able to be still for the entire length of all steps, this is not the best option.

Below are instructions specific to certain device and sensor configurations.

Select TQ to open the sub menu. Then select TQ 4C real-time artifacting.

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