Get a Whole-Brain Training Plan

You will need a training plan to guide your training. You can develop one on your own if you have the knowledge and experience or have us develop it.

Purchase Whole-Brain Training Plan service first

For users without TQ7 Trainer’s Q

Complete Client Report

Complete the Client Report online at It will be available immediately for download. A copy will automatically be sent to Brain-Trainer.

Complete TQ7 Assessment gathering

The TQ7 Complete Guide takes you through assessment gathering instructions.

Email as attachments to>.

  • All .epochs.txt files (one for each site pair)
  • Session recording files for F3 and T3
  • For Brain-Trainer for BioEra, these are found in C:Brain-Trainer for BioErasession inside the client folder or other location you have selected to save them in.
    For BioExplorer users, these are found in DocumentsBioExplorerSessions inside the client folder, or other location you have selected to save them in.

Brain-Trainer assessment specialists will artifact your data, complete the Brain-Trainer Assessment, develop a training plan of up to 6 protocols and e-mail it to you or fax it to you.

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