Should the EEG change with training?

It would be very nice to assume that the most individuated and complex system in the universe–the human brain–would neatly change and tell us that training “worked” or didn’t. Then we could just change everyone’s brain to the “normal” or “average” brain and be like ants. Such an expectation is naive and unrealistic. Read more… […]

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Response to a reader: Self Training

The blog is giving me a 50,000 foot view of what EEG is about. I would like a 10,000 foot view – “EEG for Dummies”, then a 1000 foot view “EEG for the Mad Scientist”, then maybe I will be ready for actual “Practical EEG”.

The blog is intended to bring you in for a landing–starting with the view from 50,000 ft.–pretty quickly. Its focus, as it extends beyond the introduction, will become strictly practical. […]

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