Neurobit Warranty Terms

The Manufacturer guarantees efficient operation of the Product used in accordance with its intent and the requirements included in the instruction manual.

1. The guarantee lasts 2 years from the date of sale, and in case of distance purchase in Neurobit Systems – from the date of delivery. It is a subject to prolongation for periods of possible guarantee repairs. The guarantee period can be extended in conjunction with some special offers or for additional fee.

2. In the case physical defect reveals in the guarantee period, the Manufacturer ensures free repair in the own Service or replacement of the Product with non-defective one.

3. If a defect is suspected, the Customer should contact the Reseller in order to assess whether the conditions of the guarantee are fulfilled and whether a problem solution requires delivery of the Product. If so, a Reseller delivers Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from the Service to the Customer before return.

4. The defective Product should be sent to the Service along with RMA, a detailed description of technical problem and a proof of purchase. The Manufacturer does not cover costs of delivery to the Service. The parcel has to fulfill basic sanitary requirements.

5. The equivalent of elements lacking, used up or damaged by the Customer is deducted along with expenses of their change in the event of the Product replacement.

6. If the Product repair or replacement is not possible, the Customer is entitled to get back the paid amount.

7. The guarantee applies to the device, however it does not encompass enclosed accessories, elements with determined time of work and operational materials, like electrodes, earphones, batteries, preparations or cleaning materials.

8. The guarantee does not encompass possible faults revealed in the device firmware or software, which will be removable by an upgrade download on one’s own.

9. The guarantee does not include Products possessing defects not caused by the Manufacturer’s fault, in particular:

  • damaged mechanically during transport;
  • possessing faults resulting from improper exploitation or storing;
  • possessing faults arisen after sale as a result of acts of God, like fires or floods;
  •  in which persons out of the Service made any intervention not intended for the user in the instruction manual, including disassembly, repairs and modifications;
  • which do not possess legible serial numbers.

10. The Manufacturer does not bear responsibility for the guarantee service in cases, when the repair or the replacement of the Product cannot be done because of import or export restrictions, either other legal regulations.

11. At the purchase it is necessary to check conformity of the Product type and date of sale given on the proof of purchase.

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