bioexplorer feedback

  • BxShadow For BioExplorer

    Use brightness and volume control for DVDs, streaming video and other screen applications by interfacing with BioExplorer. No need to use BioExplorer’s DVD player!

    For Windows machines or Mac with Boot Camp. Does not work with Mac Parallels.

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  • DAM Game for BioExplorer

    Beautiful and simple visual and auditory representation of inhibits and rewards! The DAM game for EEG training is the first in a series of brain-trainer HeadGames, Flash games for BioExplorer by Brain-Trainer. Build houses and protect them from water spilling over the dam!

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  • LIFE Game Climbing

    LIFE Game for nIR HEG

    LIFE meditation game, one of Brain-Trainer’s HeadGames, is specifically designed for nIR HEG, using a Q-wiz or any HEG amplifier that works with BioExplorer software. It is built to allow the trainee to grow through layers and track improvements with Auto-Session-Graphing in as little as 30 minutes 3 times a week.  Get this package to play LIFE.

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  • Animation Videos

    Kaleidoscope & 3D Landscape Animation Videos by George Martin

    Original continuous loop animation videos for brain training and biofeedback.

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  • Particle Editor - Somatic Vision

    Particle Editor for BioExplorer

    For BioExplorer or BrainMaster   Over 20 beautiful pre-set particle environments as feedback. Each particle system environment can contain music, a background image, and an interactive particle effect, such as rain falling, a candle flickering, or complex abstract graphical displays. You can substitute your own particles, backgrounds and music and design your own particle effects.