• HEG/LIFE 2.0 plug-in

    For Brain-Trainer for BioEra. nirHEG trains the brain’s executive center by giving the brain information on the flow of oxygenated blood in three separate areas of the PreFrontal Cortex (PFC) from moment to moment. Brain-Trainer’s unique LIFE game trains both closed focus (concentration) and open focus (consciousness) states and the ability to shift between them. The result is improved attention, stress reduction and improved meditation/prayer states.

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  • shadow

    Shadow plug-in

    For Brain-Trainer for BioEra. Shadowing is a versatile and powerful form of training that allows use of streaming video or use of the computer itself to be used as the feedback. A shadowing window is placed over the feedback screen and darkens or brightens according to how well the brain is doing versus its targets. It can also change the volume of audio in the same way.

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  • dam game

    Games plug-in

    For Brain-Trainer for BioEra. Many systems train using games as feedback, but most combine the requirement for the brain to meet certain targets with using keyboard/mouse/joystick. Brain-Trainer’s games module includes games which are strictly played by the brain. Because there will be at least 8 of them available for EEG training, clients who like game feedback will have multiple options to keep from getting bored.

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