Electro-Cap System


Electro-Cap electrode application system, ideal for EEG assessments, with eardrops and all the supplies you’ll need to be up and running immediately. Select one- or two-cap systems.


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Electro-Cap System

The Electro-Cap is made of an elastic spandex-type fabric (300-600 uses) with recessed, pure tin electrodes attached to the fabric. The electrodes on the standard caps are positioned to the International 10-20 method of electrode placement. It require no harness, has built-in ear clip plugs and includes Oz and Afz sites.

The medium Electro-Cap will fit approximately 65% of all users over the age of 5. Other sizes may have a couple week’s delivery delay.

Single cap system ($425) comes with 1 Medium size cap (which fits most heads).
2 Cap system ($760) comes with 2 cap sizes (Med/Sm and Med/Lg to cover children through very large adults).

The Electro-Cap System Package Includes:

Ear Electrodes, pair 3.5″ Drops
Quick Insert Electrodes (3)
Sponge disks (100)
Electro-Gel, 16 oz.
Gel applicator Kit

Watch the Electro-Cap video (https://youtu.be/hihgD2c8DnQ) to learn about use and care.

See our shipping & handling rates and information.
We are not able to ship Electro-Caps to Spain or Brazil. Please contact us for a distributor near you.

Limited warranty

We declare that Brain-Trainer International distributes the Electro-Cap for psychological training, education and scientific research and is not sold as a medical device.

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