HEG Upgrade to EEG Package (Payment Plan)

$601.00 / month for 3 months


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HEG Upgrade to EEG Package

The HEG Upgrade kit has a cap for assessments and electrodes and supplies for training. Put together especially for Q-wiz HEG users who want to add EEG training. Click on any of the products included in this package to learn more.  Sizes other than Medium may have a couple week’s delivery delay.

HEG Upgrade to EEG Package includes:

1-cap Electro-Cap package
Snap-in Starter kit 4C
Brain-Trainer Design Subscription
Basic Skills Videos I & II
Whole-Brain Training Plan
4 hrs online consultation

Watch the Electro-Cap video (https://youtu.be/hihgD2c8DnQ) to learn about use and care.

USPS SHIPPING AND HANDLING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE PAYMENT PLAN OPTION. If you prefer DHL/FedEx shipping please contact sales@brain-trainer.com to arrange for an upgrade to your shipping.

See shipping rates and information.

Not for medical use

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