Neurobit Optima+ 4 USB


The Neurobit Optima+ 4 USB is a 4 channel, multifunction amplifier which can record not only EEG, but other signals such as HEG, GSR, temperature, heart rate, and muscle tension. Purchase alone or with everything you need to get started: software and electrodes.


Optima+ 4 USB

This amplifier works with BioExplorer software, version 1.6 beta 2 and later, BrainBay and BioEra. The function of each channel is set separately in the software configuration windows. The windows also include a built-in test of sensor impedance.

The Optima is powered by and communicates with your computer via USB cable.

Product Feature Highlights

  • 3″ x 4 5/16″ x 1″
  • 4 channels
  • EEG cap interface
  • Each channel has its own reference or channels can be linked through software or jumper
  • Built-in impedance tests
  • Multimodal including: EEG, nIR HEG, pIR HEG, sEMG, ECG, GSR, HRV, SCP, RESP, skin temperature
  • CE mark

You can purchase the amplifier alone or with our BioExplorer QuickStart Package, to get you started with the software.

Included with the Neurobit Optima:

  • Optima+ 4 USB multifunction amplifier
  • USB connector cable
  • Manual and supporting files
  • Warranty: Two years

RETURN POLICY: 30 days as new condition

See shipping rates and information.

We declare that this product (Optima from Neurobit) is intended for psychological training, education and scientific research and is not a medical device.

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