Question from a Trainer – Normative database

A cohort who does LORETA training, recently posted this comment regarding the TLC QWIZ and I couldn’t answer. Do you have a response?

“What is the normative database and is it 19 channel. That’s probably the biggest concern when doing qEEG. If the normative database isn’t well established scientifically then the results are skewed. Also in order for it to be quantitative it has to be 19-channel.” Read more… […]

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How do I choose a good system?

If you’ve looked very long, you’ve probably noticed several things: 1. There are a number of one-size-fits-all systems (Infra-low frequency training, LENS and others). Each of these univariate approaches essentially trains one thing, often in one place, for all clients. It doesn’t really matter what the problems are. They are attractive to someone getting into […]

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