Do you have specials or a way to test out the brain-trainer system?

Do we have a way to “test it out” first?

Well, I’m not sure how you would “test” brain training. It’s like asking, “can I see what it’s like to speak German?” I’m attaching an example of the training plan/assessment, which should open in Excel. You’ll see tabs across the bottom of the page, so you can see the various views of the brain that are automatically generated. Also attached is an executive summary (for the same client). With a little practice, you can have both of these in hand about half an hour after the client first sits in the chair.

You can test some of the univariate systems by renting one of their units to see how easy it is to use, maybe to do a session or two. but that will tell you that it’s easy for you–not necessarily that your patients will get good results. Hopefully you’ve already done enough due diligence to decide that there’s strong evidence that brain training works in a lasting way after a limited intervention. that it works with a wide range of issues, that if you have an idea of what you are doing and good support in the beginning, you are unlikely to cause discomfort or negative effects.

I can tell you that we sell more than half a million dollars of systems and support a year to clinicians and home users–that’s a LOT of systems when the most expensive one is $4,000! Well over half of them are people who know as little as you about energy brains and training them when they first contact us. By far the greatest majority complete an assessment/training plan within a week or two and begin practicing on themselves and maybe a family member/friend/colleague. experiencing the process and the outcome. It’s pretty common for clinicians to be working with clients using HEG and gathering assessments fairly immediately, and confidently doing whole-brain training in a month or so.

We sell systems all over the world (our assessment currently works in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian). Over the past 15 years, the number of buyers who’ve wanted to send them back after purchasing might take more than the fingers on one hand, but not more than the fingers on both–and I suspect we could have predicted most of them well before that happened. If you are afraid of computers, obsessively afraid of “making a mistake”, tend to be easily confused or not listen very well, then you probably shouldn’t make this investment–but you also might not want to be driving a car.

Do we offer discounts to doctors?

We offer the least expensive, most fully-featured system with the lowest operating costs and (our clients tell us) the best support you can find. We are offering a discount to everyone. Jacking up the price and then offering a discount is a technique as old as marketing. Try to find something that does half of what the brain-trainer system does for anywhere near $4,000. We don’t distinguish between doctors (of any type), clinicians, coaches or those who wish to work with themselves or family members. We provide the same system to all, at the same price, with the same support. We’re not engineers or franchisers. We are trainers ourselves and our focus is on providing what trainers need.

Do we offer financing?

Take a look at our site After you’ve read some of the material (or before if you’re impatient) click the Shop link on the homepage and select Products. Then select Complete Starter Packages to get everything you need to do the work without a bunch of confusion or buying stuff you didn’t need or getting stuck because you missed one piece of the system. For each package, you’ll see information on single-purchase price and options for spreading the cost over several months.

Hope this helps in making your decision. If you’d like more information, email me back with specific questions or set up a phone meeting with me.

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