WBT Plan and Memory Issues

According to the report, the MAIN reason for my memory issues, are low alpha peak frequencies in almost all areas of my brain.

Slow posterior alpha can be related to working memory issues (you forget what you were saying while you are saying it, can’t repeat 7 digits you just heard, etc.) In the back of your head, your alpha peaks are pretty close to 10 except at P3. They’re slower in the front, which is not unusual. Your brain is dominated by very fast activity, which is consistent with anxiety, a little of internal “noise”, etc. Your theta/beta ratios in front are high, which is consistent with attention issues. Anything that disturbs your ability to pay attention to what is going on around you will limit your ability to remember and recall it.

However in the protocols, you mainly only recommend protocols for asymmetry, coherence, lowering high Beta, and synchrony.

High beta and fastwave synchrony both are tiring to the brain (which can create the high theta/beta ratios) and make it hard for brain areas to work independently and share information. Both of these can have an effect on memory. Nearly everyone who comes to brain training has difficulty with memory, but there are many types of memory and memory is a third-level issue. Working memory as mentioned above is more basic and can be related to peak frequency in alpha. If you were 60, I’d worry more about that, because drops after 55-60 years are not uncommon. If you are 23, then the question arises, why is your brain so tired?! But people who don’t pay attention well or don’t process information efficiently don’t remember things well. People who don’t sleep well and go through their dream cycles have difficulty with long-term memory. Etc.

What we do is called Whole-Brain Training. That’s because when working with the brain we are working with a complex, chaotic system–not a simple A+B=C system. We are working with the root of a tree, not a single branch or leaf. It is a system of habits that are interlinked and and homeostatic. If you want to change one output, in many cases the best way to do that is to shift the “habits” of how the brain operates–to change the energy patterns in lasting ways.

I wanted to know how/if that would raise my peak frequency?

Let’s see. Likely you’ll find that (whichever type of) memory will improve, as will sleep, as will attention, as will your ability to be still, as will your emotional states, as will many other things.

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