Habits vs. Pathology

It’s hard to change a habit, but we know it can be done. Smoking 20 cigarettes a day used to just happen in my life; now it’s been a quarter century since I smoked one. I used to run and exercise every morning. It just happened. Today it’s an occasional urge, rarely acted upon.

But how do you change mental/emotional “pathology”? […]

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Training to the Peak

The “normal” option As we have discussed previously, one of the most heavily-marketed products in brain-training in the 2010’s is z-score training. This so-called “scientific” and “brain-based” system proposes that by training any individual brain to shift dozens of micro-measures in the direction of a population average, it will become more effective—and especially that it […]

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Toward a New Model of Brain Training

Looking in a new direction So far we have looked at brain-training from the point of view that informs most discussions of it—a pathology-based approach to “treating disorders” and making us all more “normal” so we “fit in” better and produce more. I’ve suggested that this view grows out of the fact that “neurofeedback” is […]

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