• TC26 Trainer’s Cap Kit

    TC26 Trainer’s Cap saline electrode cap for EEG assessment and training. Comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective. Electrodes not included. If you need electrodes please see our TC26 Trainer’s Cap Package.

    To see a more detailed description and video of the TC26, scroll down. Additional videos are under the “Video” tab below.

    Kit comes with everything below.

    $215.00 Select options
  • nIR HEG Headset

    nIR HEG Headset

    For nIR HEG training with the Optima+, Q-wiz, and X-wiz amplifiers. Amplifier and software are needed. Headband will not function on its own.

  • Electro-Cap System

    Electro-Cap System

    Electro-Cap electrode application system, ideal for EEG assessments, with eardrops and all the supplies you’ll need to be up and running immediately. Select one- or two-cap systems.

    $425.00$760.00 Select options
  • Infiniti Cap Package

    Infiniti Cap Package for TQ Suite (TLC)

    Now Infiniti users can collect data for the TQ7 Trainer’s Q in as little as 30 minutes! Interface board and Electro-Cap system for Thought Technology encoders for the TLC Suite, Trainer’s Q and Whole-Brain Training Plan.

    $565.00$900.00 Select options
  • Snap-In Starter Package

    Snap-In Starter Kit

    Complete electrode package to last 3 or more months: Skin prep gel, conductive paste and sensors. Disk electrodes snap onto wires for scalp placements. Adhesive electrodes are used instead of ear clips or other ground placement on skin. Silver/silver chloride.

    $178.00$213.00 Select options
  • silver cup electrode

    Silver Electrodes Starter Kit

    High quality stamped silver cup sensors with ear clips, Nuprep and conductive paste.

    $129.00 Add to cart
  • Electro-Cap

    Electro-Cap with ear electrodes (select size). This is the CAP and EAR CLIPS ONLY and does not include the needed accessories, see also our complete cap system.

  • Ear Clip Electrodes for Electro-Cap (48″)

    A pair of tin ear clips with 48″ wire for use with Electro-Cap without using drop wires. For Optima+, long ear clips to connect to Optima+ when using independent references.

    $65.00 Add to cart

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