TC26 Trainer’s Cap Kit

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Cap with covers and sponges. TC26 Trainer’s Cap saline electrode cap for EEG assessment and training. Comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective. Electrodes sold separately. If you need electrodes please see our TC26 Trainer’s Cap Bundle.

To see a more detailed description and video of the TC26, scroll down. Additional videos are under the “Video” tab below.

Kit comes with everything below.


TC26 Trainer's Cap

TC26 Trainer’s Cap saline electrode cap

Electrode Covers for TC26 Trainer's Cap

Pack of 10 electrode covers for Brain-Trainer's TC26 Trainer's Cap saline cap for EEG training.

Sponges for TC26 Trainer's Cap

Package of 50 sponges for TC26 Trainer's Cap saline electrode cap for EEG.

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TC26 Trainer’s Cap Kit – Saline version

User supplies his/her own electrodes

Users of INFINITI, NEUROAMP, OPTIMA and most other EEG amps can now record Brain-Trainer’s full 20-channel “Trainer’s Q” (TQ7) assessment in as little as 20 minutes (using 4 channels and the TC26).

Clean Signal – The TC26 Trainer’s Cap provides an excellent signal using only salt water (saline) conductant, which you can easily make yourself (no need to buy paste, prep or gel.) There is no need to clean up the client, no concern about gelled hair requiring a shampoo after each session.

No Cleanup – There is no need to clean the cap. Keep a shallow bowl with saline solution in it and, when you remove the cap from one client, turn it inside out and immerse it in the solution. This refreshes the saline in the sponges and cleans off the cap itself. At the end of the day, you can simply rinse it with warm water and hang to let it dry.

Comfortable – Because the cap is made of neoprene–the same material used in wet-suits for divers–it is comfortable and durable.

Compatible with most amplifiers – The TC26 works with any standard DIN-plug cup or disk electrode of any material except snap-ins. Any amplifier with any number of channels from 2 to 19 can have the benefit in terms of speed of hook-up and stability of signal of a cap without cable plugs. You can use the same electrodes with multiple caps and you can replace electrodes without replacing the cap or vice-versa.

Use your own silver electrodes – The TC26 package can be used with your own cup or flat electrodes.

Complete – The TC26-s Kit includes the neoprene cap with 26 marked sites (including CP5, CP6 and MC2), 10 electrode covers which are soaked in saline before use and placed at their sites as needed, and 50 electrode sponges. 2 of these are installed in each cover, and there are extra to replace these if necessary down the line.

Because you move the electrodes from site to site in a matter of seconds, and any electrode can be active, reference or ground–monopolar or bipolar–in any channel, there is no need for quick-insert electrodes.

Flexible fit – Inert mastoid references are included, and there is a separate adjustment for the rear of the cap, you don’t need ear clips and issues of caps fitting occipital sites loosely go away. The frontal chin strap pulls the front of the cap into place, and the rear straps attach to the chin strap, so there are no straps on the throat.

For users with the original TC26, you can remove the silicone covers from your electrodes and use them for the new TC26-s (saline version) or use your own  cup electrodes to save buying new ones.

See our shipping & handling rates and information.

We declare that this product (TC26 Trainer’s Cap by Brain-Trainer) is intended for psychological training, education and scientific research and is not a medical device.

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6 reviews for TC26 Trainer’s Cap Kit

  1. Susan B.

    I just wanted to heartily recommend the newest version of the TC26 cap. My patients are reporting that it is much more comfortable. Set up was quick and easy and signal is excellent thus far. My clients with smaller heads especially appreciate it. Thank you to Pete and all involved in its creation!

  2. Stacey Breitmann

    This cap is a winner! I’ve had ZERO issues with it. My clients absolutely prefer this to anything else.

    Pete, you hit it out of the ballpark with it!

    Now I need to get the other sizes especially for kids!

  3. Claudius Nagel

    I have meanwhile been working quite much with the new TC26 cap kit so far … and working with it is really being an ease!
    The cap does have a very good fit and it is also being very comfortable to wear.
    The placement of the covers with the electrodes in them is quickly and easily done – even when training yourself and you are having nobody around to assist you with it!
    The impedances and signals are also being excellent.
    The TC26 cap kit is definitely being a game changer. I do highly recommend it.

  4. Sheree

    Good news? I love them. I found the electro-caps really uncomfortable and was worried that they may be a disincentive to clients coming to see me. But, I love the TC26 caps. They are really comfortable. I also love that they are easy to wash (I was worried about how the electro-caps would go with constant washing (I’d like to work with kids as well as adults, so head lice were a concern).

    I was only going to use the TC26 caps with people who couldn’t stand the thought of gel in their hair (the first friend I tried to practice on freaked out when I tried to put gel into her hair!), but they are so comfy that I have now put away the electro-caps and I’m just using the TC26.
    (I’ve inserted the snap-in gel electrodes into the black thingys that came with the saline kit. So, I’m using the TC26 cap with the gel electrodes, rather than the saline. It works a treat!)

  5. Mark H. Barnes, Ph.D.

    After using NuPrep and 10-20 paste for the past 14 years, I’ve found the TC26 setup vastly superior for most applications. It was the first thing that caught my attention at Brain-Trainer (a recent discovery), since it promised an easier, more efficient means of addressing the tedious and time-consuming physical element of NFB training. Although I have only been using it for a month now, it has been a revelation, and I cannot imagine going back to the old method (with the exception of instances where I need to place electrodes at rarely used positions not available on the TC26). I’m also astounded that this system isn’t widely marketed/used across all NFB operations, since there’s no reason it can’t be used with any other NFB software. Try it, you’ll like it – no, you’ll LOVE it. It’s quick, clean and effective, a real game-changer. And if you already have plenty of electrodes (either flat or cupped – both work), the price ($215) is even less than what Pete quoted above.

  6. Bruce Berman

    I just started using the TC26 and found it very quick and easy to set up and use. The Signal quality is much better than I ever got before using it and there is no mess to clean up.

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