TC26 Trainer’s Cap Kit


TC26 Trainer’s Cap saline electrode cap for EEG assessment and training. Comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective. Electrodes not included.

To see a more detailed description and video of the TC26, scroll down. Additional videos are under the “Video” tab.

Kit comes with electrode covers and conductive sponges.


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TC26 Trainer’s Cap Kit – Saline version

User supplies his/her own electrodes

Users of INFINITI, NEUROAMP, OPTIMA and most other EEG amps can now record Brain-Trainer’s full 20-channel “Trainer’s Q” (TQ7) assessment in as little as 20 minutes (using 4 channels and the TC26).

Clean Signal – The TC26 Trainer’s Cap provides an excellent signal using only salt water (saline) conductant, which you can easily make yourself (no need to buy paste, prep or gel.) There is no need to clean up the client, no concern about gelled hair requiring a shampoo after each session.

No Cleanup – There is no need to clean the cap. Keep a shallow bowl with saline solution in it and, when you remove the cap from one client, turn it inside out and immerse it in the solution. This refreshes the saline in the sponges and cleans off the cap itself. At the end of the day, you can simply rinse it with warm water and hang to let it dry.

Comfortable – Because the cap is made of neoprene–the same material used in wet-suits for divers–it is comfortable and durable.

Compatible with most amplifiers – The TC26 works with any standard DIN-plug cup or disk electrode of any material except snap-ins. Any amplifier with any number of channels from 2 to 19 can have the benefit in terms of speed of hook-up and stability of signal of a cap without cable plugs. You can use the same electrodes with multiple caps and you can replace electrodes without replacing the cap or vice-versa.

Use your own silver electrodes – The TC26 package can be used with your own cup or flat electrodes.

Complete – The TC26-s Kit includes the neoprene cap with 26 marked sites (including CP5, CP6 and MC2), 10 electrode covers which are soaked in saline before use and placed at their sites as needed, and 50 electrode sponges. 2 of these are installed in each cover, and there are extra to replace these if necessary down the line.

Because you move the electrodes from site to site in a matter of seconds, and any electrode can be active, reference or ground–monopolar or bipolar–in any channel, there is no need for quick-insert electrodes.

Flexible fit – Inert mastoid references are included, and there is a separate adjustment for the rear of the cap, you don’t need ear clips and issues of caps fitting occipital sites loosely go away. The frontal chin strap pulls the front of the cap into place, and the rear straps attach to the chin strap, so there are no straps on the throat.

Package contents:

  • Cap
  • Electrode covers (10 ct)
  • Sponges (50 ct)

For users with the original TC26, you can remove the silicone covers from your electrodes and use them for the new TC26-s (saline version) or use your own  cup electrodes to save buying new ones.

See our shipping & handling rates and information.

Limited warranty

We declare that this product (TC26 Trainer’s Cap by Brain-Trainer) is intended for psychological training, education and scientific research and is not a medical device.

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    To see a more detailed description and video of the TC26, scroll down. Additional videos are under the “Video” tab.

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