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Improve your skills in using the TQ Assessment to analyze brain patterns and develop training plans.

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Trainers Practicum

The Trainers Practicum is for people who are familiar with the TQ Assessment, but want to get better at using it to analyze brain patterns and develop training plans. If you are just starting out with the Assessment, you can bundle the Practicum together with the audio recording of the online Level 2 introductory workshop on Assessment and Training Planning.

The Trainers Practicum Package contains video (.wmv) recordings of the 6 2-hour sessions of an online Trainer’s Practicum. You see the computer screens and hear the discussion as the practicum proceeds.
•Session 1: Artifacting (1 hour); Skimming the assessment to identify the brain’s organizing principle (1 hour)
•Session 2: Pete analyzes two sample assessments to demonstrate the development of the training plan. (The first 30 minutes of the session is missing, so this is actually a demonstration of 1-1/2 assessments.)
•Sessions 3-6: Practicum participants present a wide range of assessments from their own practice. There are 8 assessments, Pete and participants spend an hour on each, analyzing the data and developing the training plan.

The recordings were made of a computer at 1920 x 1200 resolution and are best viewed at the same resolution. However, Excel files of all assessments are included, so you can follow along regardless of your resolution.

Online Trainers Practicum Package includes:

• 6 video files, about 2 hours each
• 11 sample TQ Assessments (including 4 Whole-Brain Training Plans)
• PowerPoint slide presentation

After your purchase you will receive a confirmation with the download link. You will want to have a high speed internet connection. (544 MB)

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