Download Links and Installer Files

Before you begin, please make sure to download all your files from your Order Confirmation or account:

Brain-Trainer for BioEra users: Save and run this file as well: ClientListFix. This will not be necessary after the next update.

Brain-Trainer Setup Files

Some products are delivered as executable setup files, usually ending in _Setup.exe. They are delivered within a zipped file to comply with best practices. Several products will come as .exe files and some will come as zipped documents/videos.

Digital tools tools for training and assessment

Brain-Trainer software

Download products from Brain-Trainer

Save to Downloads folder

If given option to open or save, select Save.

1) You have multiple options for downloading. Choose one: Click the link in your order confirmation screen or email or from My Account on the website.

Brain-Trainer for BioEra users: If you do not have access to the Brain-Trainer .zip setup file, please contact Brain-Trainer Support.

BioExplorer users:  If you do not have a setup file “BE1…” for BioExplorer, you can download it from CyberEvolution.

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