BioExplorer only: Verifying Proper Installation

Skip this if you have Brain-Trainer for BioEra.

You can check your installation to see that everything installed properly.

BioExplorer shortcut1) Launch BioExplorer

Insert the dongle key. There should be an icon on your desktop you will double-click. If not, type bioexplorer on your computer and select the BioExplorer application.


Brain-Trainer folder shortcut2) See your Brain-Trainer folder

Open your Brain-Trainer folder. There should be a shortcut icon on your desktop you will double-click. If not, open Documents\Brain-Trainer. This folder contains trainer tools (e.g. LIFE Cycle, TQ7) inside it as well as instructional documents in Help.

Brain-Trainer folder


Windows File Explorer icon3) See your designs

Open Documents\BioExplorer\Designs. You should see dozens of designs inside this directory.

Designs folder


Windows File Explorer icon4) See your flash games (LIFE)

Open C:\Program Files (x86)\BioExplorer\Flash. You should see 2 flash files for LIFE if you have purchased it.

Flash folder


Windows File Explorer icon5) See your media files

Open C:\Program Files (x86)\BioExplorer\Media. Several audio files should be here as sounds for BioExplorer. Also included will be sound files that are used in Alpha/Theta training. Purchased videos should be here as well. Any other videos the you purchase or download for free should be copied and pasted into this folder.

Media folder


BxShadow shortcut6) Launch BxShadow if you have purchased it

Double-click the icon you find on your desktop or type BxShadow on your computer and select the BxShadow application. It should open a control panel that will be used during training if you choose BxShadow as feedback.

BxShadow shortcut icon


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