HEG Package

$2,344.00 or $481.00 / month for 5 months

Professional 4-channel system for HEG training with Brain-Trainer for BioEra. Includes headset.

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HEG Package

Brain-Trainer created the market for home-based brain-training twenty years ago. Our Whole-Brain Training System allows professionals and home-trainers to access sophisticated ways of assessing and training brains without the expense and complexity of many other systems. So, when the world changed over-night, Brain-Trainer and the trainers who use our system moved quickly to make customized, powerful training available for whole families—at home—at the most affordable cost in the market for professional quality systems and guidance.

The 4-channel amplifier allows addition of EEG in the future.

The HEG Package includes:


Professional-quality HEG/EEG amplifier


Brain-Trainer for BioEra– Simple, intuitive software performs EEG assessment and training with a USB key that allows you to set up your software on multiple computers (one at a time).

HEG module for prefrontal training


nIR HEG headset for HEG training


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Not for medical use

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