HEG/LIFE 2.0 plug-in


For Brain-Trainer for BioEra. nirHEG trains the brain’s executive center by giving the brain information, via nIR HEG headset, on the flow of oxygenated blood in three separate areas of the PreFrontal Cortex (PFC) from moment to moment. Brain-Trainer’s unique LIFE game trains both closed focus (concentration) and open focus (consciousness) states and the ability to shift between them. The result is improved attention, stress reduction and improved meditation/prayer states.


In order to make use of this plug-in, you will need an nIR HEG headset. Training with HEG normally takes about 5-8 minutes on the left, center and right of the forehead–a total of 15-25 minutes total. Setting up the headband requires no measurement or time and there is no clean-up. No assessment is needed. Everyone can do it, using the same hardware and software. It is like aerobics for the control center of your brain. You can train toward the open/consciousness state or the closed/concentration state, but shortly you’ll be training to move back and forth from one to the other-a key characteristic of the peak-performing brain.


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