TC26 Trainer’s Cap


Electrode cap for EEG assessment and training. Conductive gel is used for connection at present. If you do not have gel, please get the gel and syringe kit as well.

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TC26 Trainer’s Cap

Users of INFINITI, NEUROAMP, OPTIMA and most other EEG amps can now record Brain-Trainer’s full 20-channel “Trainer’s Q” (TQ7) assessment in as little as 20 minutes (using 4 channels and the TC26).

The TC26 uses long-life sintered silver chloride electrodes for best signal of any electrode material. NO clean-up of cap or client required. Works with ANY device that accepts standard DIN-plug electrodes. All sites are clearly labeled. Forget buying ear-clips, foam donuts or quick-insert electrodes. There are no interior wires to break. Modular design can be imported almost anywhere. So simple and comfortable, you’ll use the TC26 for even 1-channel hook-ups. Trainers love it—almost as much as their clients!


The TC26 costs $365—15% LESS than a standard Electro-Cap

Package contents:
Rings (26)
Sintered silver chloride electrodes (8)
Electrode covers (8)</br />

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Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs

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The medium TC26 cap will fit approximately 75%-85% of all patients over the age of 5 (52-60 cm). Other sizes may have two weeks' delivery delay. The TC26 Trainer's Cap package includes 8 electrode assemblies which snap in or out of site rings in seconds--enough to perform any 4-channel hook-up. Different-colored electrode wires are routed through guides on the outside of the cap and enter standard DIN electrode plugs on the amplifier. Watch the Trainer's Cap video ( to learn about use and care. See our shipping & handling rates and information. Limited warranty


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