TC26 Trainer’s Cap


Out of stock Electrode cap for EEG assessment and training. The new version of the cap is under development and will use saline solution as a conductant.

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TC26 Trainer’s Cap

Users of INFINITI, NEUROAMP, OPTIMA and most other EEG amps can now record Brain-Trainer’s full 20-channel “Trainer’s Q” (TQ7) assessment in as little as 20 minutes (using 4 channels and the TC26).

The TC26 uses long-life sintered silver chloride electrodes for best signal of any electrode material. NO clean-up of cap or client required. Works with ANY device that accepts standard DIN-plug electrodes. All sites are clearly labeled. Forget buying ear-clips, foam donuts or quick-insert electrodes. There are no interior wires to break. Modular design can be imported almost anywhere. So simple and comfortable, you’ll use the TC26 for even 1-channel hook-ups. Trainers love it—almost as much as their clients!


The TC26 costs $365—15% LESS than a standard Electro-Cap

Package contents:
Rings (26)
Sintered silver chloride electrodes (8)
Electrode covers (8)
Sponges (16)

More Information

The medium TC26 cap will fit approximately 75%-85% of all patients over the age of 5 (52-60 cm). Other sizes may have two weeks’ delivery delay.

The TC26 Trainer’s Cap package includes 8 electrode assemblies which snap in or out of site rings in seconds–enough to perform any 4-channel hook-up. Different-colored electrode wires are routed through guides on the outside of the cap and enter standard DIN electrode plugs on the amplifier.

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Limited warranty

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