Pro Certification Whole-Brain Training for BioEra

$5,499.00 or $642.00 / month for 9 months

You have already decided to become certified and need a complete hardware-software package with certification supervision included.

This is an alternative professional package which adds the TQ7 software required for developing the training plan and tracking responses and replaces mentoring with 16 hours of online supervision over 5 months to build confidence and competence in your trainers as they work with clients, leading to certification in the Brain-Trainer Network..

  • TC26: Cap size

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Starter package  professional trainers

Our Whole-Brain Training Package lets you prepare the client and record the data in 25 minutes—with the click of a few software buttons. The Brain-Trainer package uses one amplifier and one piece of software to do assessment and brain training. With the Whole-Brain Training Plan service you will send in your data and receive a customized Whole-Brain Training plan. Then you can run multi-modality training sessions with superb feedback.

Our software trains synchrony, symmetry, activation, open and closed focus and deep states with a range of feedback options and push-button ease in managing the training session, so you can focus on the client, not the computer. Sophisticated training protocols, great feedback options and push-button ease of use give us a convenient, powerful, client-focused system.

The Whole-Brain Training Package includes:


For 4-channel EEG and HEG training. We will send whichever amplifier we have in stock.


Brain-Trainer for BioEra- Software for Microsoft Windows for training. Includes HEG training and Shadow feedback modules.
TQ7 Trainer’s Q Assessment tool and autoplan


nIR HEG headband- brain blood-flow sensor
TC26 Trainer’s Cap kit– Saline electrode cap
Silver electrodes (7)


Brain-Trainer U: Foundations of Brain-Training course
Whole-Brain Training Plan for one person
Professional Certification Supervision for one person or a pair working jointly

While we recommend that people who will be doing their own assessments and training plans go through the supervision process to develop knowledge and skills to do so, if you do not feel you need supervision, you can buy the package without supervision included.


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Not for medical use

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