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Professionals let us guide youWhat makes brain-trainer unique is very simple: We’re trainers ourselves.

We’ve been training brains and brain trainers for more than 20 years, dealing with the real-world challenges every trainer faces. We know what trainers need, and we build our service and our products around that. Our TQ is a QEEG for trainers. It produces a custom plan for each client—without delays, without fees. We don’t train to an average. Whole-Brain training works the major identified brain patterns and sites in a 4-to-6 session circuit.

We are always looking for better hardware and software that is high-quality, cost-effective and powerful from providers the world over. We sell the systems we ourselves use, so you can count on getting what you need to work with any type of client. And you can count on our support.

The tools and support we provide are practical, cost-effective, client-centered, and they focus on giving you sophisticated systems in a form you can easily use. Join the thousands of trainers around the world who have discovered what it means to have a colleague in your corner.
We look forward to working with you.

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