BioPLAY Tech Support

How To Use BioPLAY Games

Loading a Flash Game

1) Launch your software program.

2) Open a design. Brain-Trainer for BioEra has game feedback as a built-in option for designs. In BioExplorer you must select a design that has been programmed to play BioPLAY games.

Brain-Trainer for BioEra

3a) Select “Game” as feedback type; 3b) click the feedback settings icon; 3c) click “Load flash file” and browse to the file in the folder location where you have saved your flash games to select one.

BioExplorer – continue below

3) Open Flash Player Properties. Right-click on flash player and select Properties.

4) Select a Game. Click the button with elipsis and select a game from the Flash folder.

BioPLAY Games Video

BioPLAY Games Manual(1.9 MB)

Error “Configure Control Panel”

  • If using Brain-Trainer’s BioExplorer designs, be sure button reads BioPLAY (not “NeuroPuzzles/Flash”)
  • Select settings in the BioPLAY control panel before beginning.
  • Start session first; start game second
  • Slow moving signal needs special calculation to keep inputs from being on or off for greater than 3 seconds. Check with design developer.
  • In BioExplorer, check signal flash player connections in signal diagram. See BioPLAY manual.

    • In1 – On/Off
    • In2 – On/Off
    • In3 – Ratio/Range (0-1)

Unable to play games

Games are meant to be played within the software program in a flash player object. Use a design with a flash player or add a flash player to your design. Be sure connections are correct.

Adapting Your Own BioExplorer Design

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