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Current version of the TQ7 release

About the TQ7 Trainer’s Q

Brain Patterns on the TQ7

TQ7 Assessment gathering instructions

TQ vs. NeuroGuide: A review

For Professionals. See how the TQ7 Trainer’s Q fits into Brain-Trainer’s Whole-Brain Training system.

TQ7 Brain-Based Assessment Workshop. Learn more about the TQ7 Trainer’s Q in detail.

How To

See below for links and videos on how to use the TQ7 Trainer’s Q.

Exclusions in security programs – Recommended. Add an exclusion to your security system so it does not remove the TQ7 assessment tool from your computer.

TQ7 Trainer’s Q playlist

Using the TQ7.7 Trainer’s Q  |  TQ7 Selecting Training Options  |  TQ7 tracking demo


Conversion Table:  BioExplorer/TQ7 to Brain-Trainer for BioEra
conversion table for training plan


The Art of Artifacting the Trainer’s QEEG. Brain-Trainer U free course on using the artifact feature of the TQ7.

Review Artifacting

TQ7 Artifacting practice

Watch how Pete decides whether to include or exclude data in an assessment.

  • Muscle tension/eye blink
  • Delta spike
  • Fast activity that is not artifact

Open a File in Excel

If you receive an error running the TQ assessment or want to check a file for any reason, you can check your exported data files for anything unusual. A simple thing to do is to open the .epochs.txt file in Excel.

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