Register the TQ7

Begin the registration process to get your unlock key. If you have purchased the TQ7 Trainer’s Q, your setup file should have opened a Read me instruction document and launched the TQ7. This opens a dialogue box to advise that you need to enter a serial and key to unlock the TQ7.

1) Enter the serial code Gfb7Y134. The eight character serial is in the document file and here. Copy the serial. Paste it into the registration dialogue window.

2) Copy the resulting serial-checksum combination. Click the blue text link “Copy Gfb7Y134-…” This copies the entire 12 character serial-checksum combination to your computer’s clipboard. Click OK.

3) Send Serial-Checksum combination to Brain-Trainer support. Paste the Serial-Checksum combination into an email and send to Wait for a response email with your unlock key.

4) Copy the key from your email. When you receive a reply to your email, copy the key that was provided

5) Paste the key into the Registration field. If you have previously closed the TQ7, launch it again and the dialogue window will open. Then enter the serial again: Gfb7Y134. Then enter your key. Click OK

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