How to add signature files

In order to unlock the additional modules you will need special signature files (e.g. These will be emailed to you.

Save the signature file(s) to your computer. We suggest the Downloads folder.

Dongle key

  1. Plug BioEra dongle in.
  2. Go to This PC and find your dongle. Click on BIOERA to open the dongle location.
  3. In the filepath address bar: This PC > BIOERA ( ), click.
    Don’t type yet or you will write over the dongle location/letter.
    Click to the right of the back slash \ . This is where you will begin typing.
    Now, add to the address this word: bioeralic
  4. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
    This opens the hidden bioeralic folder. You may see one or more .bs (signature) files here. This is where you should paste the new signature file(s).
  5. Copy the .bs file(s) from the place where you saved them. (CTRL + C)
  6. Paste the file(s) into this bioeralic folder (CTRL + V)

Digital key

  1. Go to This PC > C:\Brain-Trainer for BioEra\config
  2. Copy the .bs file(s) from the place where you saved them. (CTRL + C)
  3. Paste the file(s) into this config folder (CTRL + V)

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