Watch Informational Videos

After you have set up your equipment, this is the time to watch your instructional videos. Learning is an ongoing process and you may watch these multiple times to understand all the material in them.

Extract Brain-Trainer files

If you have purchased Brain-Trainer’s Basic Skills videos, watch them before you try to find sites or place electrodes.These should be in your Downloads folder if you saved them there with your other product downloads.

Open the Downloads folder

Right-Click on the zipped video folder you want to watch.

Select Extract all

Now is your opportunity to decide where to store this folder. In the dialogue window that opens, under Select a Destination, click the Browse button and browse to your preferred location. We suggest DocumentsBrain-Trainer. Then you will see the files in your Brain-Trainer folder.

brain-trainer folder

Play the video

One of the below should allow you to play your video.

  1. Double-click on the video to open it in your computer’s default media player.
  2. Right-click on the video file, hover your cursor over Open with and select the media player of your choice.

select media player

Will not play?

Download a media player.

We recommend VLC media player

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