TQ7 (TLC7) Updates

TQ7 Updates

TQ7 Trainer’s Q updates

Changelog for the latest TQ7 updates. A history will be kept for future reference.

April 26 – TQ7.5.1
Optimized reward frequency for rear sites.
FIX: Common reference was suggested for temporals
FIX: T3 T4 training can sometimes end up as a 4CH protocol
FIX: Special characters were not displayed correctly in the Summary report.
Improved algorithm for recognizing fast/mid/slow dominant brains.
Suggested protocols based on subjective Client Report have an asterisk* in the Options page.
Version of application is shown in Progress bar window when producing assessment.
Summary Report shows in red only client findings, not general text.
Translations improved
Improved Options saving

Frequência de recompensa otimizada para pontos na parte posterior.
CORRIGIDO: Referência de ponto único foi sugerida incorretamente para temporais
CORRIGIDO: O treinamento T3 T4 às vezes pode acabar como um protocolo de 4 canais
Algoritmo melhorado para reconhecer cérebros dominantes rápidos / médios / lentos

November 29, 2016
FIX: There was an error when saving a file with only CRep loaded.

Ocorreu um erro ao processar a avaliação apenas com o arquivo CRep

November 27, 2016
FIX: Client Report only option buttons were not working properly.

MAJOR UPDATE:  November 21, 2016 TQ7.5
NEW: Online Client Report with rating scale
NEW: Issues tracking
NEW: Before and After comparison of issues
FIX: Custom training plan edits were lost upon language change.
FIX: Pdf creation error
Better evaluation for spike detection and description in Summary Report
BAL4C RH and DMN4C 3 Band cap sites are the same as electrode sites.
Improved protocol suggestions for midline training

November 1, 2016 TQ7.4
FIX: Office update caused buttons not to work properly.
Reduced number of buttons. Printing is now done by creating pdf first, then print. Create PDF is only available on the Options and Report sheets.

April 14, 2016 TLC7.4
German language option added
Block 5 improvement for slow brain recommendations
Reversals page with graphic demonstration of left/right and front/back reversals.
Adjusted thresholds for brain speed evaluations to remove inconsistencies
Summary Report Options: Color selection now uses % instead of 8bit values
Amplitude page visible again
FIX: Brain speeds for quadrants were not reported consistently
FIX: Minor errors in Summary Report
FIX: Comboboxes showed huge font at times
FIX: Error message when selecting Q-wiz before running autoplan
Known issue: If plan is created and language is changed, any manual overrides (custom entries) to the plan are not shown in the translation. Please select the language before making training plan while we work out this issue for the next release.

March 5, 2016
FIX: Runtime error during saving on some systems

February 23, 2016
Refined Block 5 protocol selection for slow brains
Client name is now on both Executive Summary Report and Whole-Brain Training Plan
Default color is black bold for findings text
Updated translations for some text
FIX: Maps page was not displayed by default.

January 23, 2016
Fix: A redundant prompt to save file was removed for convenience

January 19, 2016
Fix: Executive Summary was not printing in Word for some versions of Excel.

New version: TLC7.3 January 4, 2016
Fix: Compatibility up to Windows 10 and Office 16
Improved protocol selections, including Client report issues
Client Report is now separate from the TLC7ap and can be filled out at any time. It imports automatically with assessment recording files and can be edited and imported again if needed.

August 14, 2015
Fix: Saving file sometimes caused an error.

August 14, 2015
Fix: Saving file sometimes caused data to be lost.

August 13, 2015
Fix: Infiniti users did not have Summary Report or Save As button
More complete instructions for Portuguese language installation
TLC7 Complete Guide in Italian

August 10, 2015
There are several key benefits to the new TLC7.2

1. It’s multi-lingual, so if you happen to work in Spanish, Portuguese or Italian (instead of English), you can select to have your entire assessment, training plan and summary report in those languages by clicking a button.

2. It includes a sophisticated customized executive summary report which identifies patterns found in the client’s brain and suggesting symptoms that may be correlated with those patterns. This can be saved off as a pdf file and sent to referral sources, shared with family members or clients themselves who want to know “what did the assessment show?” Some of you may also want to review it before you review the training plan to see if you want to make changes in that.

3. To protect the file (there’s a LOT of work and proprietary information in it), it will be installed directly onto ONE computer. You’ll be able to move it later if you need to (hard-drive crash, new computer, reformatting, etc.), and any updates will happen without having to go back through the installation process.

I strongly advise you to pick up a cloud-based back-up system like Drop-Box. Save your assessment files into that (or have it automatically back them up from your My Documents folder. Then, if you have multiple computers on which you record assessments, you’ll be able to go to the one that has the TLC7.2 and download the files directly from dropbox without having to put them on a pendrive or email them to yourself. Save your assessments/plans there as well, and you’ll be able to access them from any computer anywhere in the world. Never have to worry about losing them.

There is another update in the works, scheduled for release in mid-September, which will improve the protocol selections on the auto training plan (using the summary report). Version 7.3 should be the full complete version for at least a while, and you’ll be informed of it via your email address and be able to download and update without any need for further involvement on our part.