Brain-Trainer for BioEra Instruction Manual

Brain-Trainer for BioEra

Current version: 1.011

Brain-Trainer for BioEra is a complete neurofeedback system that includes the powerful assessment of TQ and some of the most versatile and user-friendly training designs in the world. The whole structure of the program is made “by trainers for trainers”. With the Brain-Trainer software, you can use many different types of feedback: video files, games, MIDI music, brightness. And there’s much more coming soon as the software gets improved and updated.


The Brain-Trainer software is intended for psychological training education and scientific research and should not be used as a medical technology.

The Brain-Trainer software is still in development and being constantly improved. Some issues may arise as you use it and we expect to have all of them fixed in the next updates. If you have any problem with the Brain-Trainer software, please report it by sending an e-mail to

Getting started

This is the main screen of the Brain-Trainer software:

The lamp in the top-right corner indicates which device is currently being used, as well as its status. A green light means the system is receiving data from the device. A red light means there’s no data being sent from the device and may indicate an issue with the device connection and/or setup.

If it’s the first time you run the Brain-Trainer software, the device is set to “Simulator”.

In the right-bottom corner, there are three very useful buttons that can be used when something doesn’t work as expected.

The “panic button”  refreshes all the elements in the screen and gets the design back to the working mode. It can be used anytime you make a change that is not automatically detected by the system.

The “reload button” closes and reopens the design. It can be useful if you have a frozen screen and the panic button doesn’t solve the issue. It should be used also when you make any changes in the device setup.

The “diagnostics button” creates a diagnostic file for troubleshooting the software. Open any design and click the top button in the right-bottom corner. Then send the file that is created in C:/Brain-Trainer for BioEra.

Setting up the Brain-Trainer for PN Wiz devices (Q-wiz, U-wiz, etc.)

  1. Plug the PN Wiz device in the USB port.
  2. Click on the cog icon.
  3. Select PN Wiz in the dropdown menu. Tip: Click to expand the dropdown menu and press the P key five times.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Open the second tab, Serial Port.
  6. Select the serial port in which your PN device is connected. In this example it’s COM3, but yours might be another one. Be careful with this selection as choosing the wrong port may make the program freeze.

If you do not know the COM port number assigned to your device when installing it, you can find it in the computer’s Device Manager.

  1. Open the computer’s Device Manager (In the search field type “Device Manager” and select it).
  2. Click arrow to expand Ports (COM & LPT) to see which port the Pocket Neurobics Wireless Dongle is using.

[Coming soon: what to do if you get a frozen window]

  1. Click OK. Tip: If the OK button doesn’t appear, try to resize the Device Selection window slightly.
  2. If you get an error message, click Close
  3. The device name will switch to PN Wiz, but with a red light
  4. Click on the Reload button. The design will close and reopen.
  5. You will probably get a green light. That means your device is correctly set.

Setting up the Brain-Trainer for Neurobit devices

  1. Plug the Neurobit device in the USB port and turn it on.
  2. Click on the cog icon.
  3. Select Neurobit in the dropdown menu. Tip: Click to expand the dropdown menu and press the N key.
  4. Click Apply
  5. Open the third tab, Neurobit settings.
  6. Select your Neurobit device in the first dropdown list. In this example, the device is Neurobit Optima+ 4 USB, but yours might be another one.
  7. Click on the Open button.
  8. In the new window, select your device model and the power mains frequency.
  9. Click Load.
  10. If you are not there, navigate to the C:/Brain-Trainer for BioEra/Neurobit Files folder and select the appropriate file. If you are not sure on which file to choose, then select EEG 4C (L) Linked. Click Open.
  11. Click Close.
  12. Click OK.
  13. The device name will switch to Neurobit with a green light. That means your device is correctly set.


This manual is under construction. If you have any issues, send an e-mail to


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